Merry Christmas!

Choir concert season is just wrapping up and it has been fabulous! I got to conduct my first concert with the Island Soul Choir and it was truly a thrill – 120 voices, a fantastic band, working with Brian Tate..I loved it! I also got to play piano with the Vancouver Bach Youth Choir at the Orpheum which is always wonderful. My 2 choirs – EDNA and The Larks just had their Winter Concert on Dec 7th and it was a beautiful night. We packed the church and the choirs sang with such joy, focus, beauty…as always, there were many songs that had never sounded so good as they did that night. We were backed up by Steve Charles, Patrick Metzger and Tim Tweedale and our new band got to have our first live performance and it felt so good! My other two choirs – Harmony Mountain Singers and Home Cookin’ are waiting out the Christmas rush and our Winter Concert will be Thursday Jan 31st. I am currently planning a big choir show (with all my choirs) for March…details coming soon. I’m also working out a new round of workshops for the new year. Stay tuned for lots of fun music events coming up!

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