Happy New Year!

2013 is just around the corner and it’s going to kick off with a busy, full, fun Jan/Feb! Dawn Pemberton and I are really excited to be leading a 2 day workshop with the Universal Gospel Choir at the beginning of January. TriVo (Dawn, Brian and I) are leading various private workshops throughout the month at different music schools and then we are hosting a big public workshop and concert on Bowen Island (Jan 26th and 27th).

Home Cookin and HMS will perform their Winter Concert on Thursday Jan 31st at St Clements Church in North Van. This will be a really great night of harmony singing and beautiful music. Then Feb 1st – TriVo will be joining City Soul Choir and Marcus Mosely Chorale at St Andrews Wesley for a concert in celebration of Black History Month. ┬áThis was a real highlight for me last year!

Then Feb 16th (Bowen Island) and Feb 17th (Rogue Folk Club) will be my official CD Release Concert for Way Back. Featuring Dawn Pemberton, Steve Charles, Tim Tweedale, Patrick Metzger, Keona Mundy, Kori Myanishi…I am so excited for these two events. More is available under ‘Performances’

Hope to see you at some of these events!

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