Fall Into Music

It’s that glorious time of year again…feeling so satisfied from a beautiful, full summer and getting ready to settle back into some kind of routine -start singing with all of my choirs again and finally getting to dig into the music that I’ve been working on all summer. It’s time to work, learn, reflect, explore…

This fall will see some exciting changes in my choir world… Sept 25th is the first rehearsal for my brand new choir - Rhythm N’ Roots! We have an amazing group of 50+ singers and I can not wait to get started and dive into this new beautiful sound. I have been wanting to do a choir like this for a long time – world and roots music, lots of rhythm, lots of life!

I am now the sole director of the Island Soul Choir as Brian Tate just got too busy to do it all.  I am thrilled to be the director of this group of such dedicated, fun and heart felt singers. We are at 115 singers and standing in front of that massive sound and energy is amazing.

Home Cookin’ is welcoming new co-director Andy Hillhouse! This is exciting for lots of reasons -Andy is an incredible musician, singer, choir leader, all around great person…and I’m really looking forward to working with Andy again! Andy has been out in Toronto getting his PhD and we haven’t worked together since the Cleia days!

Harmony Mountain Singers are looking forward to another great year…HMS is such a steady, dedicated group of singers that always show up ready to sing and have fun. We had a really special year and learned so much last season and there is alot of energy pushing us forward. HMS and Rhythm N’ Roots will be having a special workshop with Moira Smiley in October.

All choirs are currently full (Island Soul Choir will be open for new members in January) I’m accepting singers on the waiting list for all of my choirs and opening may come up. Please contact me if you are interested and I may have a new intake of singers in the new year!

In other news – Trivo is busy working away on a CD and we have a really exciting show coming up on Sunday Oct 20th with Moira Smiley and VOCO! (more info coming soon) This summer saw the Shirleys sing at the Vancouver Folk Festival which was so inspiring and incredibly fun! The summer was also full of teaching workshops – a very successful Summer Tune-Up and Trivo teaching in Nanaimo and Naramata.

I’m working at organizing a Rhythm N’ Roots Children’s Choir starting January for boys and girls ages 7-11. More info to come…

That’s all for now…Happy Fall!

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