Island Soul Choir

Island Soul Choir, under the direction of Brian Tate and Karla Mundy, is unlike any other choir on Vancouver Island, and there are many reasons for it.

We are a non-auditioned choir with over 100 singers from all over Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Port Hardy, as well as some of the Gulf Islands. We sing for the joy of singing, and Brian’s and Karla’s immeasurable skills bring out the best in us.

Our repertoire of soul music is a completely different genre. It includes gospel, spirituals, world music, blues, pop, soul, R&B … basically any type of music that touches, moves or inspires the soul. We regularly bring our audiences to their feet, singing, clapping and even dancing along with the music.

Unlike traditional choirs, Island Soul Choir rehearses just once a month, in large part because Brian and Karla have to travel from Vancouver to rehearse the choir — a concept Brian believed would never work. “I’m delighted to be proven wrong,” he says.

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