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Way Back – Karla Mundy

Drawing on blues and old-time roots, ‘Way Back’ features Karla Mundy’s powerful singing, beautiful rich harmonies and intricate, original arrangements. Karla brought together a cast of some of Vancouver’s finest roots musicians which lead to thoughtful, creative and fresh collaborations on a soulful collection of songs.  Exploring new, true and lost love, reflection at the end of life, the telling of old histories, these ten songs are reflective, evocative and true as oak. They were mostly recorded live off the floor and you can hear the songs just as they existed in that moment….

The Musicians - Karla Mundy – vocals, Steve Charles – guitar and vocals, Tim Tweedale – dobro and weissenborn, Patrick Metzger – bass, Kori Myanishi – banjo, fiddle and vocals, Keona Hammond – vocals, Dawn Pemberton – vocals, Melanie Spence – vocals, Chris Suen – banjo

CDs are $15 each and I can mail it right to you (the old fashioned way)! ‘Way Back’ is also available through CD Baby and itunes.
Have a listen to a couple tracks here…
Waiting For You  - Mississippi John Hurt  - Karla Mundy – vocals, Steve Charles -guitar
People Grinnin In Your Face - Son House – Karla Mundy and Dawn Pemberton – vocals, Tim Tweedale – dobro, Patrick Metzger – bass
Dying Californian - Traditional – Karla Mundy – vocals,  Kori Myanishi -vocals and banjo, Steve Charles – guitar and vocals    


Stringband music – original tunes and songs, gospel and old-time traditionals, and some cool covers. This album was released in 2009.
Linda Bull -fiddle, vocals ,  James Scholl -bass, vocals,   Patrick Metzger – bass, vocals,   Karla Mundy – banjo, vocals                                                                                                
If You Love Me - James Scholl
Still On My Mind - Michael Jerome Brown 
Hold On - Traditional    
**CDs are regularly $15 each but our Christmas Sale Price is $10 each!**

The No Shit Shirleys -Nutrify”…The Shirleys, an all-female a cappella septet, sings music from different cultures, pieces decrying social injustice and songs yearning for a better world. The ladies’ multi-layered harmonies are the best part of this album…The lush a cappella music is accented occasionally with banjos or tambourines; less-known instruments—masking tape on hands, body percussion, a cardboard box—also have their say. Cool. By selecting songs from cultures worldwide, the Shirleys emphasize diversity, yet they remain strongly united. “ Maria Kotovych /
Heather’s Song - Karla Mundy
Be My Husband - Andy Stroud
**CDs are regularly $20 each but our Christmas Sale Price is $10 each!** 

Cleia’s music is a rare combination of soulful harmony and inventive instrumental arrangement. Their essentially Irish instrument base draws on elements of soul and blues to provide a fresh sound and perspective borne out in their original writing and thoughtful selection of traditional material. Active both collectively and individually on the BC and indeed Canadian roots scene, each of the five members of Cleia play, sing, write and arrange and take immense delight in performing the fine results of their collaboration. ‘played with innate joy and sung with pure beauty’ – David Francey
Neil Hammond Madolin, Guitar, Harmonica, Bodhran, Vocals
Norah Rendell Whistles, Flutes, Vocals
Keona Mundy Flutes, Whistles, Vocals
Karla Mundy Accordian, Vocals
Andy Hillhouse Guitar, Mando, Vocals
Minsk - Neil Hammond
The Mountain - Dave Carter
November Reel _ At My House - Keona Hammond      
**CDs are regularly $15 each but our Christmas Sale Price is $10 each!** 

5 Responses to Music/Albums

  1. Jim Phillips says:

    Go Karla, Go! Good work. Christy and I look forward to working with you. The Whirlybird is getting ready.

  2. Hi Karla,
    The sample tracks are excellent. I am very impressed! I hope we’ll get to sing together sometime. I’d love to harmonize with you. The best of luck on your album! Robert

  3. Ron Myhr says:

    Love your music — just wish I could get a download in lossless flac, as would be the case if it were sold on Give it a thought, please.

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