SongRoots - Summer Singing Intensive - July 14th – July 17th 2014 at Fircom on Gambier Island
Dawn Pemberton, Moira Smiley, Brian Tate, Jennifer Scott and Karla Mundy will be leading this 4 day/3 night Summer Singing Camp!!
Cost will be $450 for everything – food, accommodations, singing course and water taxi over to Gambier Island. Based on availability you can upgrade your accommodations for an extra charge. There is a $26 registration fee through Eventbrite. Registrations will begin Dec 15th…more info coming! Click here to register.
Below is the incredible schedule for SongRoots 2014!


9:30-10:30 am – All Singers (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Vocal Technique with Jennifer Scott                                                                                 To start your day we will focus on fun but comprehensive vocal techniques to ease you into a more comfortable singing style to get you through a full day of singing. We will cover breathing techniques, vocalises that suit the classical and non-classical singer, strength & tone building exercises. We will focus on some common issues vocalists worry about: vocal strain, singing through your “break” and much more! Over the three days we’ll also delve into expanded breathing techniques and how to gently warm up a voice that needs to last the course of the day.


Class One 11:00-12:30 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)                                           You choose ONE of the following

1. Soul Sessions w/ Dawn Pemberton (max 25 people)                                              Why is soul music so fantastic?! Why is soul music so fun to sing?! Together we will dive in and explore some of the techniques and styles of some of the greatest soul singers like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Using fun and inspiring songs, we’ll create a mini-choir in which budding soloists can seek, stretch out and soar!

2. Folk Song Arranging with Voice w/ Moira Smiley (no limit)                            Hands-on, multi-angle walk through arranging 1-3 songs with just voices as our tools.  I will have us creating musical structures like loops, drones, canons, bridges, percussive movement to bring out new color in beautiful old songs.

3. Your Voice, Your Song – A Singer’s Masterclass w/ Brian Tate (max 8 people) **with Michael Creber as accompanist!                                                                  Discover your authentic voice through working with a song of your choice in a playful and safe environment. Expand your confidence, connect with your audience, and experience the many ways of working with a song. You’ll receive one-on-one coaching with Brian as well as the invaluable experience of learning from each other. Each session brings new and exciting ways of exploring your voice and your song. Singers of all levels and songs of all styles are welcome! You must bring in a piece that you are ready to perform (memorized – words and music) also bring the piano music (sheet music or lead sheet)

4. Bluegrass/ Old-Time Singing w/ Karla Mundy (no limit)                                     Singing together with bright “laser beam” harmonies and the ‘high lonesome sound’, we will be exploring harmony singing styles from the Bluegrass/Old Time American Traditions. We will be learning these beautiful and fun songs in two, three and (maybe even) four part harmonies.



Class Two 2:00-3:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)                                                           You choose ONE of the following

1. Vocal Improvisation w/ Jennifer Scott (max 12 singers)                                      Using a variety of musical styles, we will learn, over the course of three days, how to “think on your feet” musically. From scat-singing to pentatonic runs to freeing the ideas in your creative mind, we will have a blast exploring swing, blues, R & B, latin and more! Great for the beginning singer right up to the working professional.

2. Up Close and Personal! The Joy of Ensemble Singing w/ Brian Tate - (max 16 singers)                                                                                                                       Ever wanted to sing in a trio or quartet? Experience the fun and challenge of singing in a small ensemble. A maximum of 16 singers will allow singers to learn music together as an ensemble  and then break into smaller groups to sing one to a part. You will get to learn and practice holding your own vocal harmony, fine-tuning pitch, unifying tone, dynamics, and phrasing, and working as a team by leading and following together without a conductor. Singers should have some previous choral or part-singing experience. Some music-reading helpful but not essential.

3. The Body Songful w/ Moira Smiley (no limit)                                                 Physically exhilarating singing for you and your listener through exercises, traditional folk songs and songwriting.  How does gesture, movement and stillness root us into song? What does YOUR body want to say through a song?  Let’s learn some amazing, simple traditions of movement and song, and create our own.  Traditional music from Appalachia, South Africa, and Eastern Europe + original movement and song.


4. Singer’s Masterclass w/ Dawn Pemberton (max 10 singers) **with Michael Creber as accompanist!                                                                                                     In a fun, playful and supportive environment we will dig deep and explore the art of performance! This performance masterclass is open to singers of all levels and styles. Together we will learn some fantastic tools to enhance your solo chops, free your voice, build your confidence, inspire your musicality and refine your overall performance techniques. All participants must come prepared to sing one song (memorized) and must bring a leadsheet/chart or sheet music in their key.

4:00-5:30 – All Singers – MASS CHOIR

A perfect way to end a day of singing….more singing!! We will all come together for a joyful mass choir before dinner with the amazing and talented leadership of Moira Smiley, Brian Tate and Dawn Pemberton!! Four days of singing together, joining forces to create a SongRoots choir! Drawing on different styles from Eastern European to Gospel, rooted in rhythm and having fun!


Tuesday Evening Masterclass with Jennifer Scott -max 12 singers can sign up for this class and it is open for anyone in camp to come and watch, give support and learn along! 7:30 until when we’re done…max 2 hours.

We’ll explore polishing up your performance dynamic, working with your natural positives and finding some new techniques to create an onstage persona that is natural, polished & and vocally healthy. All styles of music welcome. Singers should be prepared to bring a solo piece (memorized) to class and must bring a lead sheet, chart or sheet music in their key. Challenge yourself to take it to a new level! Pianist extraordinaire, Michael Creber, will be our amazing accompanist.

5 Responses to SongRoots

  1. Wendy Alexander says:

    Please add me to your list or participants. Doesn’t get much better than singing with you guys!

  2. Heather Haseltine says:

    Save a spot for meeeee! So much fun and growing to be had!

  3. Heather wilkinson says:

    Definitely keep me posted. Used to go to camp fair com as a kid. Love to go back with some of my very favourite singing people.

    Xo heather

  4. Rosanne Gervais says:

    So grateful for this dream-come-true retreat! It’s a miracle to have you all gathered together in one beautiful setting. It’s synchronicity beyond comprehension…that is why I trust it completely! Can hardly wait for July!!!
    In harmony

  5. Patti Powell says:

    Wouldn’t miss it! Thanks – I will so TOTALLY be there.

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